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Food Diary Analysis

Food Diary Analysis

Our Food Diary Analysis is an easy and convient way to gain insight into your diet and nutritional habits. We can analyse your food diary, providing you with a breakdown of macro and micronutrients as well as a report dietary recommendations to help guide you to heathier eating habits.
This service is perfect for those who do not wish for a full individualised consultation, as the report will provide general healthy eating advice.


Get started today and take a first tep towards improving your nutrition and achieving your goals.


On purchasing this service you will receive a weeks food diary to complete. Should you wish to complete your food diary via the Libro App to improve accuracy please email us on receipt of purchase and we will send you an invite to use this.

You are responsible to send us your diary on completion to analyse. We will send your report back within 15 working days. 


Note that the accuracy of your report is dependant on your providing accurate information abouts foods and portion sizes. 

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