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Frequently asked quesions

Where are you based?

Many of our clients prefer to meet over video due to their busy schedules but if you prefer a face to face appointment then please contact us directly to arrange. We offer appointments face to face at Trust Plus in Harrow. We can also provide home visits in the North West London area depending on your location.

Can you make me a meal plan?

We will provide meal guides and recipes based on your current dietary intake if as needed

How long are appointments?

Initial Consultations are up to 60 minutes.

Follow up consultations are 30 minutes. 

I can't see any availability when I go to book?

If you can't see any availability or you can't make the offered appointment dates and times, please contact us directly to find a time to suit us both.

What qualifications do you have?

Dietitians in the UK must have a degree in Nutrition & Dietetics, and are trained within a clinical area to have  expertise on medical conditions such as high cholesterol. Dieticians are statutorily regulated by nutritional law and are governed by an ethical code to ensure they work to the highest standard.

How can I book with you?

Click on our "Book Online" tab or contact us directly.
We have options for individual appointments or packages offering great deals. If you are unsure what would suit you then book a discovery call

What can I expect from an appointment?

 We take a holistic approach to complete a detailed assessment of your medical history, dietary intake, and lifestyle to create an individualised plan. We will provide a written plan and send any other resources you may require following your initial appointment.

We will review your plan and make adjustments as required to meet your goals. Package appointments include support in between appointments. Letters to your GP or consultant are included in our price.

I live abroad can you support me online?

Yes we can support clients worldwide apart from those living in Canada and USA

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