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Sweet Success: Gestational Diabetes

Welcome to

"Sweet Success: Gestational Diabetes"

An empowering 8 week coaching programme designed to support women navigating diabetes during pregnancy by a Prenatal Specialist Dietitian who has worked in diabetes for ten years!

This comprehensive course is designed to guide you through this unique journey providing expert coaching and resources for a successful and healthy pregnancy,

Who is it for?

Did the standard GDM advice fail you being generic and impersonalised?


  • Women who are looking for personalised support from a prenatal specialist dietitian.

  • Excluding foods but wanting to ensure adequate nutrition for baby's development

  • Wanting to avoid or delay use or medication

  • Understand what foods increase or reduce your blood sugars

  • Nutrient Analysis & personalised dietary recommendations for pregnancy


What's included?

  • This programme is virtual so you can be supported in the comfort of your own home

  • You will get 1 initial consultation and 3 follow up consultations

  • Personalised coaching sessions tailored to manage gestational diabetes.

  • Customised meal guides and strategies to regulate blood glucose levels.

  • Ongoing support and monitoring to track your progress throughout the 8 weeks.

  • Access to a wealth of resources, including recipes, tips, and tools to empower you on your gestational diabetes journey.

This program is not just about managing diabetes; it's about achieving Sweet Success in your pregnancy

Price £449

Hi, I'm Tazmin a Prenatal Specialist Dietitian

After several years specialising in diabetes, and also experiencing two pregnancies I discovered a passion for pregnancy nutrition. My own experiences with pregnancy ignited a desire to support fellow mamas through this remarkable yet challenging journey

To ensure evidence based nutrition guidance, I have completed several courses in prenatal nutrition. Over time I have had the privilege of supporting & reassuring thousands of women with gestational diabetes to have healthy pregnancy and babies.

Having worked in the NHS with women with Gestational Diabetes I understand the time pressures that the NHS experiences and that you may be feeling unsupported and seeking more specialised and intensive support. This is where I can step in with the Sweet Success Programe!

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