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Pregnancy Diet

Pregnancy Nutrition

Nourish yourself and your growing bump

Tazmin has dedicated several years to supporting women through their pregnancy journeys in her role as a Dietitian. However, it wasn't until she became pregnant herself in 2019 that she realised the confusion and inaccuracies surrounding much of the nutrition advice available. This sparked a passion within her to debunk myths and provide clear guidance. 

She wants women to feel the best they can during their pregnancy as their bump grows.​

Have you ever encountered statements like "Just take a pregnancy multivitamin, everything will be fine" or received a long list of foods to avoid without understanding the reasons behind it? These were the types of issues Tazmin encountered and she strongly believed that mothers deserve more than vague information.

During the first 1000 days of a baby’s life, nutrition plays a crucial role in their short and long term heath. By optimising nutrition during pregnancy, you can support baby’s growth, enhance their IQ, reduce the risk of diabetes and cardiovascular disease, and even shape their food preferences when they transition to solid foods.​ The body undergoes remarkable changes during pregnancy, increasing the absorption of certain vitamins and minerals to meet the additional nutritional requirements. However, if your diet is lacking and you have deficiencies, your baby may not meet their nutritional needs too.​ Nutrition can boost your energy levels, prevent deficiencies such as anaemia, prevent gestational diabetes, whilst also reducing risk of long-term heath conditions for your baby. 

If you'd like to experience the best possible well-being during your pregnancy, Tazmin is available for consultation. You can choose individual appointments or opt for a discounted package, allowing you to work together throughout each trimester and address the changing nutritional demands of your pregnancy.

Would you like a free guide to
pregnancy nutrition? 

We have created an easy guide to give you the confidence on what foods to eat to support your growing baby. Click here to find out more & download for free today

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